Helping families build better relationships

Relationships with family members begin from the moment we enter the world. They are the longest and often deepest and most complex of all relationships we have in life. They can be the source of the greatest love and happiness and the bedrock on which we build our lives. However, the very depth and longevity that make family relationships such great support, also mean they can be the source of significant hurt and pain.

go-dialogue works with families where two or more members are dealing with conflict. We support mums, dads, brothers, sisters, half and step-brothers and sisters, grandparents, cousins, aunties, uncles, and others in the family to have the conversations they need to have to enable them to move forward with a greater sense of calm, connection, and wider well-being.

We believe there is a significant absence of support for families who are facing conflict and drawing on pioneering work of community mediation services such as Wandsworth Mediation Service and Surrey Mediation we bring new approaches and thinking to this area of work. If you are a family member who is facing or witnessing conflict and wants something different, please get in touch so that we can discuss how mediation and other conflict resolution practices could help.

The benefits of mediation

  • An intra-family mediation meeting is confidential, allowing for open and constructive conversation that supports dignity and authenticity.

  • Differences and disputes can be addressed in good time; an intra-family mediation can be arranged within a number of weeks.

  • The mediation process is flexible to the specific needs of the family. The process and format of the work will be a collaboration between our expertise in the field and your special insights and expertise regards your family.

  • An impartial and non-judgemental third party (the mediator) can support you to make contact in a way that feels calm and safe. In addition, the mediator respects the authority and power of those involved and will not impose his or her views or a solution.

  • Relationship change takes place over time and in intra-family mediation we have the flexibility to design a process that supports this.

  • If in the mediation any specific agreements or action points are made these can be documented by the mediator and circulated after the mediation.

A mediation or facilitated conversation is voluntary and the power to create something different lies in the hands of those in the room. This is one of the great benefits of the process, it respects the authority and power of each person involved and there is no third party imposing a solution.

The mediation process often includes:

  • a telephone discussion with the enquirer/mediation convener

  • agreement to a plan for the mediation, between participating family members and go-dialogue

  • individual meetings with participating family members

  • a joint meeting between participating family members

  • telephone check-in with family members 14 days after the joint meeting

  • follow-up meeting or further individual and joint meetings as and when relevant to consolidate the work that has taken place

Costs of mediation

The role of the mediator:

The mediator manages the discussions and meetings and supports you to work through the conflicts you are facing to find a better place. The mediator will explain the process of mediation and manage the discussions during the meetings. The mediator listens to you and aims to understand the experiences you’ve had and the situation you are facing. The mediator supports you and others to engage in constructive and collaborative conversations. In addition, the mediator will question, clarify, and support all those involved to investigate the range of options available.

The mediator brings a creative approach to help you feel free of the chains that hold you in conflict and will not impose solutions, or suggest how you should resolve the dispute. If you wish to put some of your agreed points in writing, the mediator will manage this process.