Mediation is a proven and established method through which you, your organisation, company, or family, can resolve and move on from difficult disputes.

Ongoing conflict absorbs a huge amount of time and emotional reserves and can come at both a psychological and financial cost to those involved. Mediation helps you address the conflict you are facing and move through to something better; a place where your life is less consumed and damaged by the pain of dispute and where you can again focus on what makes life enjoyable. Mediation is well-recognised and has shown to be effective when used in disputes across many different areas of life. It is both a voluntary and confidential process. go-dialogue focuses on conflict resolution in the workplace and within families. You can find out more about our work in these areas in the drop down menu to this page.

Our central goals are to:

  • help you find peace in a maelstrom of emotions and dissolve the antagonism and discord that often accompanies ongoing conflict

  • foster positive relationships between you and others, or amongst the group if the mediation is being conducted within a team or a family

  • build personal resources and understanding that enable you to have the type of relationships you wish

We do this by:

  • helping you lighten the emotional load by creating a confidential one-to-one space for you to share your experiences and the challenges you’ve been facing

  • helping you understand more about your needs and interests by asking explorative and focussed questions and reflecting back what you’ve shared

  • supporting you to connect with the other person/people in new, constructive and collaborative ways and creating safe, supported spaces for you to have these conversations

  • helping you focus on the future and exploring any commitments or actions you may want to agree to

  • constructively challenging assumptions and current practice as a way to help you and others move on

Where we mediate and who we mediate with

go-dialogue is based in London, United Kingdom. We work nationally and internationally, conducting mediations face-to-face and online.

go-dialogue’s mediation work focusses in two areas: mediation between family members and mediation between colleagues in the workplace. In the world of mediation, the term “family mediation” applies to the specific practice of helping couples manage separation and divorce and the necessary legal accompaniments. However, go-dialogue’s “intra-family mediation” work aims to support families who wish to restore relationship and build stability.

Our mediation clients include organisations in the public and private sectors, hospitals, schools, as well as community groups and families.

If you’re wondering whether mediation is the right option for you, please contact us for an informal, and completely confidential, telephone discussion about your particular situation. This initial consultation is free of charge.

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