go-dialogue helps people connect through bespoke approaches to dialogue

The nature of being human is that we all have different perspectives on life. Sometimes these different perspectives can create unhelpful divisions: individuals or groups may become polarised; there can be breakdowns in relationship; issues might go unaddressed causing a build-up of resentment, or at the very least, stasis.

We have an ever-growing overview of dialogue practices used across the globe, and work closely with our clients to design the process that helps their members have productive conversations. We help people express what needs to be expressed, and hear what needs to be heard.

We will help you move from discord and conflict towards a greater sense of understanding, by:

  • meeting with you, listening, and understanding your issue/challenge

  • helping you frame the positive outcome that you desire

  • collaborating and planning together the approach to address your issue

  • working together to deliver the most appropriate approach to dialogue

  • building skills within your group or organisation that fosters positive ongoing dialogue practice

  • being non-judgemental to the challenges you bring

  • working with our international partners to access the most up-to-date and cutting edge dialogue practice

  • taking a positive approach to our partnership with you

“inscrutably involved, we live in the currents of universal reciprocity” – Martin Buber