go-dialogue is passionate about and committed to better human relationships. go-dialogue affects change by providing high quality mediation, dialogue, training, for individuals, businesses, the public and not-for-profit sectors, and wider civil society.

go-dialogue believes that human relationships are at the centre of living a fulfilled life. Through a focus on conflict prevention, conflict resolution, and wider dialogue practice, go-dialogue aims to support healthy relationships where collaboration and understanding can prosper.

As well as providing high quality mediation, training, and dialogue practice, go-dialogue innovates and develops new ways to bring people together to grow, learn, and transform.


Nick Adlington is the inspiration behind go-dialogue and the services it provides.

As an active workplace mediator, intra-family mediator, facilitator and trainer, Nick is a leader in contemporary conflict resolution practice. As a psychotherapist in private practice with a specialism in childhood and family based trauma, Nick is also a considered thinker in the wider field of contemporary human relationship. Nick has previously worked in the NHS for a world renowned children’s hospital and prior to that, for a highly regarded international development agency.

He is registered with the Civil Mediation Council and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. Nick is also a qualified teacher and has extensive international experience in Africa, Asia, North America.

Nick has 20 years of focussed personal development work, at the core of which has been an exploration of the power of relationship.