Unexpressed Feelings

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I have seen it said that feelings and emotions can get in the way of understanding and empathising with people. From my experience as a mediator in “high feeling” mediation meetings, I can see this point. Feelings and associated emotions can be heightened and expressive, to a point where it is difficult for one, other, or both sides to clearly … Read More

Are you breathing? Managing discord

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Discord, difference, conflict, dispute, whichever way you term it, when there is a polarisation of interests, views and values, there is usually an accompanying behavioural response from the people involved. Human beings are living, breathing, and wonderfully emotional creatures. That we have a physiological and feeling response to inter-personal issues is not surprising, and should be cherished. Yet, it is … Read More

Meeting Point – reflecting on dialogue in public spaces

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Meeting Point is a go-dialogue programme aimed at building relationship and capacity for relationship, through dialogue. The first Meeting Points were delivered last week, six sessions across three days in locations around London; set-up as a circle of chairs in a public place with an invitation for people to sit down and take part in discussion with a host from … Read More

Meeting Point – a quality of contact

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So, two final Meeting Point sessions to finish off this three-day run. The goal was to experiment with dialogue, and relationship, in communal spaces, open to all people. Today, the first 90 minute session ran on the south bank of The River Thames in central London, next to Waterloo Bridge. The circle of chairs set-up, it was then a chance … Read More

Meeting Point – a reflection on dialogue

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Today was the second day of three as go-dialogue delivers Meeting Point sessions in locations across London. The programme is an exploration of dialogue and community in a diverse and ever-changing world. Driving into London to run the sessions, I was struck by the amount of high rise building going up either side of the road, and the ever growing … Read More

Meeting Point brings people together

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So, Meeting Point finally launched today. Having been at the idea stage for a couple of years now, it was great to finally plan, and start to deliver the programme. Meeting Point aims to bring people together, promote dialogue, and explore community in a diverse and ever-changing world. It is a circle of chairs in a public place, with an … Read More

Connecting with ourselves

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The bell goes at 5am, believe you me, not my regular wake-up hour. However, the rustle of bed sheets and the gentle padding of feet up and down the dormitory provides a form of communal solace for the unearthly hour of the day. By 5.30am I’ve negotiated the wash basin, toilets and corridor and am sitting alongside 60 other people … Read More

Connection through exercise in nature

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Walking this weekend in Dorset, I was brought to mind the push and pull of life. The significant physical effort of striding out across 36 miles of hills and vales, set against a sense of release as I looked out across miles and miles of wide open countryside, coated by sunshine and wind. My body and mind are drained today, … Read More

Witness (seeing and being seen)

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Sitting on a bench on the Whitstable sea front, eating fish & chips. It’s bank holiday Sunday and the boardwalk is a constant flow of people walking one way or t’other. It’s a sunny day with an accompanying strong breeze. Just off the coast a kite surfer leans back on his board straining against the wind, before seemingly releasing his … Read More

Relational World

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As individuals we live in relationship with others around us. Which highlights that as individuals, we are also part of groups, for example we meet others: in the shop, at the bus stop, in the office. Each of these meetings is unique, each interaction on any given day has its own energy. The contact we have with each other brings … Read More